We can’t wait to see you in Uptown Dallas at 3105 Reagan St.!


Come sweat and shine in a 90º+ heated studio with carefully curated classes and fresh beats to get you moving. For new guests only. Grab your mat, towel, and water, and let’s go.



We’re pumped to be on this journey with you—to live healthy lives, build lasting friendships and help you become the best version of yourself.


We push ourselves to push you. No workout or playlist is ever the same. Work every muscle group, detox in 90+ degrees of heat, and leave each class inspired, accomplished, and confident. Then come back for more.

Let’s Go

This is NOT your mama’s pilates class. Our classes are admittingly challenging, but all fitness levels can stay motivated by the energy, music, and inspiring environment as you increase endurance, building strong, lean muscle through a curated and fresh body + mind experience. Let’s go. 


Mat Provided
Mat Towel (Required) Rent, Bring, Buy
Towel Provided
Ankle Weights Rent, Bring, Buy
H20 Buy or Bring
A Good Attitude Bring!!!




Shine is more than a HOT PILATES + SCULPT studio—it’s a squad of people looking for mind + body + soul transformation so we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Join Our Squad

As single moms and first-time entrepreneurs, we set out to heat up the Dallas fitness scene—without investors—so we could share our passion for fitness and have a voice with the community.

While we have very different personalities, we share a fighter mentality. Within months of opening our business, we fought through the pandemic to keep our doors open.

We’ve encountered many challenges along the way, but our “in this together” mentality is our key to success. When one of us feels tapped out, we lean into our partnership and fight harder for each other.

Hearing the impact our workouts have on you keeps pushing us to fight for success. In our mind, success is creating uniquely-designed classes that flow to the beat of the music using specific counting and sequencing methods that get you energized and moving.

We find those untapped muscles inspired by the foundations of pilates; however, we are NOT your mama’s pilates. The room is heated to 90+ degrees to get you sweating—detoxing your body and mind. It’s a challenging experience that is elevated yet inclusive to every walk of life. Something hot and fresh that allows you to shine inside and out.

It’s never just about the body. It’s about what’s going on inside. How one is inspired and breaks into new levels of confidence and optimism. And listen, we get it. Some days you don’t feel like it.

But at Shine, it’s okay if you’re not okay — come anyway, and we’ll get stronger together.

– Whitney + Rachel


“I’ve been taking their Hot Sculpt class for almost three years now and it’s by far one of the best and most challenging fitness classes I’ve ever taken. It’s so unique to anything else I do workout wise. I sweat more in this class than I do in most sauna sessions and I always leave class feeling detoxed and toned. Take this class if you want to feel fit and look fit!!!!!

Amber Prange

“Grateful – Cautious – OBSESSED!
GRATEFUL to be enjoying such a unique workout experience  — CAUTIOUS with a prior spinal surgery that drove me to quit physical therapy and replace it with strength training and powering through a weekly hour long Pilates experience — OBSESSED with my results and their commitment to my personal achievements!
I’m ready to shine⭐️
Becca Costilla