We know that SHINE may be new to some of you. Here are a few FAQs that might help answer some of your questions. If you have any other questions that need to be addressed, please contact us at


What kind of Studio is Shine Hot?

Shine originated as a hot pilates + sculpt studio, but we are quickly expanding into other areas of fitness. We still do hot pilates + sculpt, but you'll start to see more classes pop up that maintain the energy and community we deliver at Shine Hot Studio.

What is hot mat pilates + scuplt?

In a nutshell, it's:

  • 90º+ heat to sweat it all out
  • Mat, towel, minimal equipment
  • Carefully curated, fun and challenging
  • Sculpt Conditioning with fresh beats and moves
What do I need to bring to class?

A mat and face towel are provided, but you should bring a mat towel (required), ankle weights, water, and a good attitude.

If you don't have ankle weights, a mat towel, or water you can rent or buy those items. Except for the water... you can't really rent that!

Is there a shower or changing rooms?

Yes! We have showers and changing rooms for you because we know everyone is busy and on the go. We also have a water bottle filling station so you can top off your water before and after you leave a session.

What kind of music do you play?

Music is the soul of our classes. We play upbeat, high-energy music that ranges in style. We personally love hip-hop and the energy it brings to a routine. Check the schedules tho—some classes have more explicit music than others and are noted on the class schedule.


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“Client” means a customer of ours.

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What personal information about members does Shine Hot Pilates + Sculpt Studio gather?

The information we gather from our members helps us to continually improve your experience at Shine Hot Pilates + Sculpt. We use a third-party software provider called Mariana Tek to manage bookings, and membership accounts and to store your personal information. This personal information may include: your name and contact information; date of birth; preferred communication methods; bank details and credit card details.

We will also collect data about your health and ability to participate at Shine Hot Pilates + Sculpt Studio. We also create information that becomes part of the personal information we hold about you, such as your usage of the studio. We may also collect and create details on joint members and other family members, where applicable, including family members under the age of 16.



In the interests of good customer service, we may take a digital photograph of each member to store against their account details. This is completely optional and is simply used to help us identify you. By providing the digital photograph to us, you are consenting to our using it only in the manner set out in this Policy.


When you use the website (“Our Site”) or contact us by post, telephone, fax, email or SMS, we collect, store and use certain personal information that you disclose to us.

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Depending upon your subscription choices, we may also use your details to send you newsletters and promotions and to conduct online surveys. We will also use the information in the course of collecting your membership fees and any other payments that may be due to us from you. If you apply for employment at Shine Hot Pilates + Sculpt Studio, we use the personal information you supply to process your job application.

Other than as set out in this Privacy Policy we will not share your personal information with third parties for marketing or any other purposes without your consent, unless we are required to do so by law.



From time to time, we may take photographs and videos of classes in the studio for marketing purposes on (including but not limited to) leaflets, the website, newsletters, and on social media platforms. Consent is gained when you book and attend classes at Shine Hot Pilates + Sculpt Studio, via the Terms & Conditions.


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